How Do I Become a BPO Consultant?

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A business process outsourcing (BPO) consultant is a professional who works with business executives and managers to help them make the best choices contracting their processes to third party outsourcing companies. To become a BPO consultant, you should first determine the areas of specialization in which you would like to work. For example, people who are interested in customer relationship management models should learn aspects of business such as sales and marketing. A person who is more interested in financial processes, on the other hand, should spend time learning financial principles and using relevant financial software.

While there is no required degree for a person who would like to become a BPO consultant, an aspiring BPO consultant should earn certifications that make sense for his or her career choice. A consultant is a professional who is able to guide others and offer valuable advice. Thus, to become a BPO consultant, it is necessary to become recognized as an experienced professional.

You should begin by pursuing courses that interest you. People with aptitudes for mathematics and sciences, for example, should concentrate on courses in financial modeling and business information technology. While graduate degrees might not be necessary for these professionals, the experience, education, and prestige you can earn from being in a graduate program are helpful for any aspiring BPO consultant. Postgraduate programs also offer great opportunities to learn expensive and complex software and to engage in internships.


After earning necessary degrees and professional certifications, an aspiring BPO consultant should begin getting experience in a related field. In most cases, he or she should plan on starting with entry level positions. An aspiring customer relationship consultant, for example, can benefit from working in a BPO call center where he or she can learn about the needs of BPO companies and their clients.

As you gain more experience, you should begin applying for higher profile positions. Actively seek out management positions which allow you to gain a better grasp of the way in which BPO organizations are structured. These positions also enable you to gain greater leadership skills and higher levels of confidence, which are necessary for any person who would like to become a BPO consultant.

It is also a good idea to become a prominent member of the BPO industry. Some good ways to do this are to join professional organizations and attend seminars and professional development conferences. You may even want to publish articles about BPO strategy in trade magazines.



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