How Do I Apply for Emergency Financial Assistance?

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Applying for emergency financial assistance typically involves filling out an application that explains a person's unique financial situation and his or her needs. This can be done at a variety of locations, depending where the applicant lives. Certain items will generally have to be presented at the time of the application, typically for identification and to prove financial need.

There are many different locations that offer various types of emergency financial assistance. Many churches have special ministries set up to help those who cannot afford to pay their bills. Several government agencies also have funding set up to help pay certain types of bills. Some of these places require that people make an appointment to come in and fill out an application, while others will serve low-income individuals on a first come, first serve basis.

Emergency financial assistance usually entails help with rent or utilities. Typically, an applicant has to live in the same home for a certain amount of time to be eligible to receive any type of financial aid. After that amount of time, he or she will be able to fill out an application.


The application will generally require the person requesting funding to write his or her name, address, and phone number. It is typically necessary to disclose gross and net monthly income and the total cost of necessary monthly expenditures. Along with the application, the low-income individual will generally have to provide proof of his financial need. This usually entails a shut-off notice or a court order of eviction. With the application for emergency financial assistance, the applicant will generally need to provide proof of identification and social security information.

In many places, there is emergency financial assistance designed especially for veterans and their families. Usually, the veterans have to be currently in service or they will have had to be honorably discharged. This type of financial aid is used for veterans as a short-term solution for an emergency situation.

Most of the time, an applicant has to be in real need for assistance. Many financial services will not help a person until the utilities in his or her home are going to be shut off or until the applicant is being evicted. Although assistance for food does not usually qualify as an emergency, government agencies that provide this type of assistance can sometimes speed up the time that it takes for a person to qualify for it.



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