How Do I Apply for Dental Financial Assistance?

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Getting dental work done can be an exhaustive, expensive, and timely process, but the rewards are beneficial for health and cosmetic reasons. Applying for dental financial assistance is a process that can be accomplished through paperwork provided by your dentist's office or a financial institution. Depending on the source, the process could be completed over the Internet, or there may be some physical paperwork that must be filled out and signed. When there is a good relationship between a patient and a dentist, certain offices may be willing to create an informal payment process that can make dental procedures affordable.

The right receptionist or office manager at a dental office can be extremely useful in obtaining dental financial assistance. This person is probably familiar with the types of dental work that you need or want to have done and the costs associated with those procedures. By asking this professional the options that are available to you, applying for dental financial assistance might become more realistic. This professional might have pamphlets available from financial lenders that this particular dental office partners with, which can reduce the amount of time needed to research potential lenders.


An office manager should also be familiar with any healthcare plans that dental patients are entitled to. As a result, the manager might be able to request financial assistance on your behalf or direct you to make a request. Sometimes, dental procedures are not covered by dental insurance, but that fact may be unknown without asking and exploring the possibilities with an insurance provider.

When applying for any type of dental financial assistance, such as a loan, learn about the repayment conditions before agreeing to any terms. Some financial institutions charge extremely high interest rates for specialized care such as dental work, and as a result, it could take years to repay a loan. Also, learn about any potential penalties or fees that might be added for late payments on an account.

Dental school clinics are a way to gain access to less expensive dental care. Students of dentistry who may not have received full certification but who have mastered certain skills perform the dental procedures on patients. These schools may charge for materials but may waive any charges for labor, which could reduce a need to obtain outside dental financial assistance. While some may consider this a risky form of obtaining dental care, it may be useful for standard procedures that a student has mastered, including dental cleanings.



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