How do I Apply for a Student Credit Card?

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Applying for a student credit card can be surprisingly easy. Credit cards are made accessible to students at banks, through the mail, over the phone, online and even on college campuses. Before you apply for a student credit card, you should educate yourself by doing research on different cards and comparing them and by reading the fine print on all contracts.

Obtaining a student credit card can help you learn how to manage your money and any credit that is given to you. College can be an opportune time to apply for a student credit card because it can be easier to gain credit while you are in school. Many credit card companies are willing to give credit to students because they expect that parents will help card holders make payments if they fall behind.

It's not uncommon to find credit card representatives on college campuses, handing out applications for credit cards. Some of these representatives will offer incentives, such as free merchandise, in order to get students to apply for student credit cards. These applications can be valid, but you should verify that the people handing out applications are official representatives before you give out your personal and financial information. You also should consider taking the applications home to read before filling them out.


Student credit card applications also can be found online, and if you conduct an Internet search for credit card companies, the results will help you find websites that will let you apply for a student credit card. Some websites also offer comparisons that can help you choose between credit card offers. Different aspects of credit cards, including fees, credit limits, reward programs and annual percentage rate (APR) can be charted. You would do well to use these comparisons before you apply for a student credit card. Other places where you can apply for a student credit card include at a bank, over the phone or through the mail.

There are certain things that you should look out for if you want to apply for a student credit card. You should understand that higher credit limits are not necessarily better. Lower credit limits can help you better manage your money and don't provide as much temptation to overspend. Generally, you should look for credit cards that have a low APR and, if at all possible, credit cards that offer 0 percent APR for at least a few months. This can help you understand how credit cards and interest rates work.

Try looking for a credit card that allows for online account management. Credit cards like these can make managing your financial affairs much easier and can help you pay your bill on time. Make sure that your credit card has a lost card policy that protects you from fraud. You'll also want to know whether your card can be replaced easily.

Before deciding on a credit card, be sure to read all the fine print involved. Credit cards are contracts, and you should have a good understanding of everything for which you are legally accountable. Remember that student credit cards are a serious commitment and should be treated as such.



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