How do I get the Best Student Credit Card Rate?

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In order to get the best student credit card rate, there are a number of things you should try, including shopping around, looking for promotions, and going through your school. In some cases, you may also be able to open a joint account with a parent or guardian to improve your student credit card rate. Another option you may consider is negotiating with your credit card company.

When you are in the market for a good student credit card rate, you should spend some time shopping around among the many credit card companies in the market. Every company will have different rates, and you need to become aware of what is available before making a decision. Visit some of the websites of the credit card companies to see what they are offering students.

While you are shopping, there is a chance you could come across some promotions. Many times, credit card companies will run promotions to try to attract new customers. If a credit card company is targeting students, you may be able to get a solid student credit card rate. Take advantage of these promotions to save money.


Another option to consider is going through your school. Many times, credit card companies will issue affinity credit cards, which means it is a credit card with a school's or organization's logo on it. The school gets a percentage of the charges from each card. If your school offers something like this, you could potentially get an attractive rate for signing up. Schools will often provide incentives for current students to get involved with this type of credit card offer.

You might also consider opening a joint account with a parent or legal guardian. If your parents or guardians have good credit scores, this could work in your favor. When someone else is partly responsible for the balance on the account, credit card companies will be much more willing to give you a good deal.

If you already have a student credit card, you may also consider negotiating with your credit card company. Credit card companies are known to negotiate with their customers on occasion. You could simply call and tell the customer service person you would like a lower student credit card rate. If you are a good customer, there is a chance he or she could lower your rate for you.



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