How can I Stop Snoring?

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Popular culture has been known to treat snoring as little more than a cartoonish problem, perhaps more annoying to non-sufferers than anything else. But the cumulative effects of severe snoring can be serious indeed. Snorers can inadvertently create tension between themselves and their sleep-deprived spouses. Snoring may also be a sign of more serious conditions such as sleep apnea, deviated septum (cartilage dividing the nostrils) or inflamed tonsils. Many sleep specialists connect excessive snoring with obesity, which can also lead to a number of medical and social problems.

Self-diagnosis of snoring can be tricky. Most snorers are unaware of their actions during sleep, so others may have to address the problem directly and tactfully. Once a snorer becomes aware of the condition, it should fall on him or her to find a workable remedy.

One treatment for snoring is to change sleeping positions. If you sleep on your back exclusively, your tongue may partially block your airway and cause a form of snoring. Try sleeping on your side or stomach for a few days to see if your snoring is reduced or eliminated. If you absolutely cannot change your sleeping position, a sleep clinic may be able to provide a device used by sleep apnea patients. A face mask is fitted over the mouth and nose as a gentle but steady supply of air keeps the airway open.


Some snorers find relief through over-the-counter sprays and breathing strips. If the root cause of your snoring is an involuntary closing of your throat and soft palate, a lubricating spray can be applied directly to the back of your mouth just before bedtime. The slippery nature of the spray should prevent any unpleasant noises from friction. Others find relief with the use of adhesive breathing strips. Some snoring is causes by restricted nasal passages, so these external strips gently hold the nostrils open during sleep.

Since there is a link between excessive weight and excessive snoring, one solution may be to lose weight through diet and exercise. Even if reaching an ideal size seems impossible, losing just 10 to 20 percent of your current body weight may reduce the intensity and frequency of snoring.

For severe snoring which cannot be addressed by over-the-counter treatments or a change in lifestyle, consult a trained sleep specialist. Overnight observation and thorough medical examination may be required to find the root cause of your condition. Many snorers actually suffer from sleep apnea, a serious medical problem which causes the body to wake up hundreds of times a night. If your snoring pattern consists of an extended silence followed by a very loud gasp for air, you may have a form of sleep apnea. Sleep deprivation can lead to a number of other mental and physical conditions, so seek treatment immediately.



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i think mine has 2 do with nasal congestion and neck tissue, how can i overcome most esp the neck tissue problem naturally? im seriously disturbing my fiancee, plus i seriously and urgently need help, thanks guys

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