How can I Deal with Sinus Infection Pain?

Inflammation, swelling, and pressure in the sinuses due to an infection can be very painful. There are many treatments that can be used to help deal with sinus infection pain, including a variety of medical treatments and home remedies. Different medications are available to address both the causes and effects of an infection and the resulting pain. Techniques used at home can reduce the congestion that causes pain and may also help fight off the underlying infection.

The most effective way to deal with sinus infection pain is to get rid of the infection. In order to do so, it is often important to understand the underlying cause and treat it accordingly. Many people develop sinus problems and infections due to allergies; in these cases, patients can benefit from getting tested for allergies and taking appropriate medications, such as antihistamines, to reduce their effects. Bacterial infections can also cause sinus pressure and pain, and may require antibiotics to clear them. In some cases, nasal polyps or other blockages may be to blame, and may require surgical removal.


While addressing the underlying issue is important, there are also drugs that can be used to minimize the sinus infection pain until a person is cured. Painkillers such as NSAIDs may be taken to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Many decongestants are available over the counter, in pill or nasal spray form, to help clear the excess mucous that causes sinus pressure. Sometime steroids are used to reduce swelling in the sinuses.

Home remedies can also be effective for dealing with sinus infection pain. Techniques that help keep the sinuses moist are particularly useful for reducing pressure and pain. Sufferers may want to use a humidifier with a good filter, both to keep moisture in the air and to limit mold, which can irritate the sinuses further. Taking a hot shower and breathing in the steam is a good way to get relief. Nasal irrigation, where saltwater flushed through the sinuses helps clear out extra mucous and moisturize them, can also work well.

Application of heat or pressure to the sinuses can also ease pain. A warm, damp washcloth or towel can be placed over the sinuses to help reduce congestion and pressure. A facial massage pressing on the sinuses may help them drain and provide some temporary relief as well.



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