How do I Choose the Best Sinus Pressure Home Remedy?

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Choosing the best sinus pressure home remedy depends on how severe the sinus pressure is, if the person has a pre-existing medical condition, and what one's health care provider suggests. Steam, whether from a humidifier or a hot shower, can relieve pressure in the sinuses. A person suffering from sinus pressure also might try spicy foods or facial massages, which both can be effective home remedies.

A safe sinus pressure home remedy might be using a vaporizer at night because the steam from the vaporizer humidifies the room and relieves sinus congestion and nasal dryness. It is important to note that the vaporizer needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every use, because bacteria can quickly grow in the unit. If the individual inhales contaminated vapor, an infection could develop. In addition, people should not place their faces too close to the steam, as this can cause a significant burn. In addition, the unit should not be placed where it could tip over and cause a splash burn if the water should spray out of the unit.

Another effective sinus pressure home remedy is taking a hot shower. The steam from the shower decreases congestion and offers sinus pressure relief. A hot shower can also alleviate a sinus headache, which is also common when sinus pressure is present.


Many people have success with facial massage as a sinus pressure home remedy. Applying gentle massage to areas under the eyes, cheeks and forehead can dramatically decrease sinus pressure. In addition, massaging the area on either side of the bridge of the nose can also relieve sinus pressure. The eyelids and eyeballs should never be massaged as this can elicit a type of response that lowers the heart rate. Continuously putting pressure on the eyeballs in this manner can cause fainting, lightheadedness, and dizziness.

Sometimes eating hot and spicy foods can be an effective sinus pressure home remedy. The spiciness and heat of the food opens up the sinuses and promotes drainage of thick mucus. This can relieve sinus congestion and restore the sense of taste and smell in those with a stuffed up nose. If, however, people have conditions such as acid reflux or heartburn, this sinus pressure home remedy might not be appropriate for them, as it could exacerbate their condition.

Although it is generally up to the individual to choose a sinus pressure home remedy, it can be beneficial to talk to the physician. Typically, if the health care provider determines that the sinus pressure is related to a bacterial sinus infection, he might recommend that the individual take antibiotics in conjunction with the home remedies. The combination of the two might be more effective in combating sinus pressure, while preventing potential complications such as a worsening of the infection or developing a secondary infection.



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