How can I Create Spa Treatments at Home?

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Work, family, obligations... The grind of everyday life can take a toll both on your beauty and on your health. If you are in serious need of pampering, but cannot afford to go to the spa, make the spa come to you. Spa treatments at home have become a popular choice for busy professionals who cannot take time off during the day to visit a salon, but it is also a great choice for stay-at-home moms or for those who cannot afford the hefty prices of a spa.

Spa treatments at home do not have to be sophisticated. A few simple things can create the right atmosphere and allow you to enjoy peace and quiet without spending a fortune. Because spa treatments are home are easy and inexpensive to create, there is no reason why anybody should go without their benefits.


Spa treatments won't do you much good if you don't have the right atmosphere to relax in. Bathtubs are a popular choice for spa treatments, but you can also use the sofa or a comfy chair as long as the area allows you to feel at peace. Make sure you get rid of clutter before sitting down to relax, though, and create a soft ambiance by putting on relaxing music and candles. You can also add extra touches like flowers if they help enhance the mood. If the idea of spending the night alone is not so appealing, organize a spa party by inviting some friends over.

To create spa treatments at home, you can use simple items found at any supermarket or pharmacy. Unless you want to spend money on ready-to-use products, one of the great appeals of homemade spa treatments is the feeling that you had a part in their making. Some essentials to have on hand to create all kind of spa treatments include essential oils, salt, and ground sugar.

Other ingredients are as close as your kitchen cabinet. For example, mixing sea salt with almond or apricot oil creates a great skin scrub; and combining egg yolk and avocado can do wonders for a dry face. Avocado is also great for your hair, and combining banana and honey will give an incredible hair shine. If you need a specific recipe, do a quick search online. You'll be surprised at the amount of information available on the Internet.

In the end, the magic of spa treatments can be as simple as you make it. Whether you go all out or you prepare simple recipes, what's important is that you enjoy the time taking care of yourself.



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