How can I Conduct a Successful Interview?

The most important consideration in conducting a successful interview is to plan ahead. Read the candidate's curriculum vitae (CV) or resume and any screening notes from human resources, to help you plan interview questions. Plan and write down questions that you think relate not only to the skills and attitude required for the job, but to company culture to determine if the candidate would be a good fit.

Be yourself during the interview. The prospective employee should have an idea of what you would be like to work for. To help ensure a successful interview, make sure you are clear about your expectations for the successful candidate. Describe the job as it really is without embellishment. Take note as to the candidate's reactions. For example, did he or she seem interested or bored when you spoke about the details of the job?

Be prepared by reading the CV or resume again just before the interview and have it with you during the interview to refer to. If you feel too inexperienced to conduct a successful interview, or are new to the company, plan ahead to have another supervisor or manager sit in with you. This works especially well if your employee will also be working under the other interviewer at least some of the time. Panels of employers at job interviews are becoming more common in the workplace.

'Listen more than you talk' is great advice for any interviewer. A successful interview is one in which you find out as much as you can about the person interviewing for the job. Write down the candidate's answers to your questions as the answers can help you make up your mind later when you are deciding between candidates. Also note the questions the candidate asks you. These can clue you in as to what type of boss and work environment the candidate is looking for, which can also aid you in your decision making process.


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