What are the Best Interview Questions?

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The best interview questions can refer to two different things. These are questions asked by the interviewer of the job candidate, and the other is the reverse: questions the job candidate may want to ask the interviewer to show interest in the job, and learn more about the company and the position. Both interview questions are important, and the best interview questions are ones that display interest in and knowledge about the position, illustrate one's potential skills for the job, and show that one will be an enthusiastic member of the team.

When conducting an interview, there are a few questions that are generally expected to be asked in each meeting. The best interview questions will be open-ended; rather than yes/no questions, an interviewer should ask questions that require the candidate to expand more and show his or her communication abilities. For instance, "tell me about yourself," "share your favorite and least favorite aspects of your previous job," "tell me how you resolve difficult situations with a coworker" or "how you attempt to fit in to a new working environment," and "explain the reason for leaving your last job," are all great interview questions that allow more discussion.


Some more of the best interview questions to ask when conducting an interview are those that are specific to the job. The interviewer may establish these questions by asking why the job candidate applied for this job specifically, and what skills qualify him or her for the position. The interviewer may ask why he or she should choose the job candidate, what she plans to bring to the job, and what her career goals are for the next few years. Additional, more specific questions may be asked depending on the position and any specific experience or qualifications that are required in order to be successful at it.

The best interview questions that a job candidate can ask the interviewer are ones that show interest in the position and an understanding of the industry; since these questions will obviously be different for each job, it is best to prepare these questions ahead of time to be ready during the interview. Of course, if anything arises during the interview that is unclear, be sure to ask for clarification; this will also show that one is paying careful attention. In addition, doing some homework ahead of time, and researching the history of the company or of the job can also help one to develop some great interview questions that will impress the interviewer.



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