How can I Choose the Best ADHD Support Groups?

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ADHD support groups help children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) along with parents of children who have ADHD to cope with this condition. Joining a support group is highly recommended for all people that are affected by ADHD. There are a number of ADHD support groups available, though not all groups are the same. Therefore, selecting the right group is important.

Surprisingly, there are ADHD support groups in almost every town and city. Since a large number of people are affected by this disorder, small support groups have been built across the globe. Local groups tend to meet regularly. Some groups meet once per week, while others meet once per month. Thus, deciding between a group that meets weekly or monthly is the first step towards choosing the right group.

The next step towards finding the perfect group is to seek out a group that identifies with your specific needs. Some groups may cater to parents of children with ADHD. Other groups may target teens, professionals, or small children. Look for a group with whome you feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics. The idea behind a support group is to feel at ease within a group of people, so don't overlook this important point.


All ADHD support groups function in different ways. Some groups spend their time passing out ADHD literature and talking about new treatments. Other groups focus more upon group counseling methods. After you find a group that suits your needs, attend one or two meetings to find out what kind of agenda a group has. If you are seeking emotional support, you may not find an informational group helpful.

An alternative to a local group is an Internet-based group. Internet ADHD support groups are quite popular for a number of reasons. These groups allow people from all around the world to participate in group discussions. In addition, an Internet support group is ideal for those people that wish to remain anonymous. Internet support groups do not have special meeting times, though a question or comment can be posted at any time allowing for absolute support.

Understanding ADHD can be extremely difficult. Challenges arise every day that cause adults and children to spin out of control. Belonging to a group that understands and supports these trials is often a great relief to group members. Find a support group in your area by searching online, or speaking with your general physician.



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