How can I Avoid Getting Behind in my Bills?

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Letting bills go unpaid after their due date is never a good idea. Not only do most companies add interest charges to bills after the due date, the longer a bill remains unpaid the less likely it is that it will be paid. The intention to pay may be there, but it becomes easier to put the bill out of mind with the more time that goes by. There are some easy things you can put into place to help you avoid getting behind in your bills.

First, mark all of the dates your regular bills are due on the calendar you refer to daily. By seeing the dates often, you will be less likely to forget to pay these bills. Next, add the calendar dates of other bills that you will need to pay. To ensure that you pay before the actual due date, you could mark a note on the calendar a few days before each due date.

Coordinate your bill payments with your paychecks. Chances are you may not want to pay all of your monthly bills out of one paycheck unless you only get paid once a month. If you get a paycheck biweekly, then figure out which bills you'll be able to pay with each paycheck. Of course, the sooner you can pay the bills the better.


Online banking may help you avoid getting behind in your bills as this method can be quite quick and convenient. Check with your bank to set up their online banking system. Many online banking systems allow you to pay bills by taking the money quickly and efficiently from your bank account.

With online bill paying, you don't have to worry about trying to gather the paper bills and finding stamps and envelopes for mailing. Plus, your payment is usually received much faster and you get a record of your payment online. In most cases, a confirmation number is given to you when you pay bills online. Keep note of this confirmation as if any discrepancies about your payment occur, you can quote the confirmation number to prove that you did pay your bill.



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