Why Should I Pay a Gas Bill Online?

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One of the great simplifications to daily life brought about by the Internet is the ability to conduct transactions, including paying a gas bill, online. Paying a gas bill online, can help add to customer convenience and even cut down on pollution. In addition, some companies may offer reduced rates or other incentives meant to encourage customers to pay a gas bill online.

One of the best reasons to pay a gas bill online is that it reduces the risk of late fees and miscommunication with the gas company. Many utility companies allow customers to link their bank accounts to an account with the company, so that each bill payment is taken directly out of the account on the day that it is due. Even without an automatically scheduled payment, having an online account with the gas company can trigger a reminder email a few days before the due date, and allow the customer to pay the bill using an online transfer that takes only a few minutes. This reduces the burden of responsibility on the customer, as it means that he or she does not have to remember the due date of the bill and address of the gas company. It prevents the old issue of mail arriving late and incurring a late fee, which can damage credit and limit opportunities for good customer bonuses.


Paying by traditional mail can actually do damage to the environment. Receiving a paper bill statement every month and sending payment by mail means that paper, envelopes, and stamps are used. These resources may seem minuscule for an individual customer, but a city full of gas company customers all using traditional mail for bill pay adds up to an enormous amount of paper resources. Paying a gas bill online helps cut down on deforestation by reducing the amount of paper used. Additionally, cutting down on the amount of mail sent out means that fewer postal trucks are used, which can reduce gasoline use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Since reduced paper use also leads to reduced costs to the gas company, some utility organizations may encourage people to start paying a gas bill online by offering incentives. These incentives may include rate reductions, refunds, free services, or even occasional bonuses such as gift cards. Though the rate reductions are often very small, they can add up to significant savings over time. Companies often list their incentive programs at their websites, or include information about incentives on monthly paper bills.



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