Do Home Remedies for Dark Circles Work?

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There are many home remedies for dark circles under the eyes. Whether they work or not depends on the reason why there are dark circles in the first place. Dark circles under the eyes are due to the same process that happens during bruising, but some things that make the condition worse are age, lack of sleep, depression, nutrient deficiencies and sun exposure. For many of these causes, there are home remedies.

The skin around the eyes is webbed with tiny blood vessels from which blood sometimes leaks. This is a process that happens all the time, and the body has a way of coping with it. The blood is broken down into smaller components through an oxidation process and when the hemoglobin degrades, it turns dark blue. This is basically what happens when the skin bruises.

One way of treating dark circles is getting enough sleep. This may not be the standard eight hours, but it has to be enough for the individual. Additionally, a balanced diet devoid of junk food and full of fresh fruit and vegetables will go a long way in restoring the nutrient deficiencies responsible for some dark circles. There is not much that can be done about the aging process, but understanding that as skin ages, it becomes thinner and needs a more sensitive touch and age-specific lotions will help.

Wearing sunglasses starting at a young age to protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes is advisable, as this reduces sun damage. Drinking enough water during the day is important, as it rids the body of impurities, some of which may be responsible for dark circles. Some natural remedies include placing freshly cut cucumber slices, chilled tea bags or cold washcloths over the eyes for about ten minutes.

Different pastes containing ingredients like lemon juice, tomato, milk, nutmeg, almond oil and lime juice have been found to be effective. Cotton balls dipped in rose water or chilled water and kept on the eyes for about ten minutes have also helped some people. Care must be taken when applying home remedies for dark circles, as some of these ingredients can be quite painful if they get into the eyes.

If a person's dark circles are not responding to home remedies, it may be best to use a medicated cream. These creams specialize in speeding up the oxidation process, thus lightening the color, and strengthening the capillaries in the skin around the eyes. It may be worth trying natural remedies first, however, as different things work for different people.



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