Do Chiropractors Work on Infants?

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Many people are curious to know if chiropractors work on infants, especially after they experience the benefits of a good chiropractic session. The answer is yes, chiropractors work on infants, although you should take care to find a capable chiropractor to handle your child.

Chiropractics is an ancient form of complementary medicine which focuses on making small adjustments to the physical body for better health. Most chiropractors focus on the spine and neck region, and a skilled chiropractor can help relieve problems caused by bad posture, as well as relieving debilitating back pain. As with massage and other forms of physical therapy, chiropractic medicine works best when combined with the treatment of a regular physician.

As chiropractic medicine has become more widely accepted among general society, many chiropractors have begun to work on infants. Chiropractors work on infants of all ages with a variety of conditions and problems, and positive impacts have been documented in scientific studies. Just like infant massage, infant chiropractic care requires special training, to ensure that the practitioner does not inadvertently hurt the young patient. Because infants are very fragile, it is important to satisfy yourself about the qualifications of a chiropractor to work on your child before the session begins.


When chiropractors work on infants, they use very light, gentle touch, not the firm hand motions associated with work on adults. During the session, no popping or snapping noises will be heard, but the infant's spine will slowly be brought into alignment. Chiropractors work on infants to help alleviate the symptoms of colic, relieve pain related to learning to walk, and straighten out the body after traumatic birthing experiences. In most cases, regular sessions are encouraged so that concrete progress can be made. Just like with adults, regular adjustments to an infant's body can be beneficial, and as chiropractors work on infants, they support them in the process of growing up strong and healthy.

However, there are cautions for chiropractors who work on infants. The developing body is very fragile, and it is easy to break bones or cause nerve damage. If you are interested in pursuing chiropractic medicine for your child, approach it as complementary medicine, rather than a replacement. Ask your pediatrician about recommendations for chiropractors who work on infants, and make sure to incorporate the pediatrician into the health care plans for your child, to ensure that problems are being accurately addressed and diagnosed. Chiropractors work on infants only after specialized training, so be sure and ask for details of the training before entrusting a child to someone's hands.

Unless a chiropractor also has a medical degree, he or she is generally not qualified to give out medical or nutritional advice. When chiropractors work on infants, they can make adjustments to correct perceived problems, but they cannot speak authoritatively about the cause. Make sure to work with a licensed chiropractor who establishes a connection with your child, and remain present throughout the session. If you are concerned about the well-being of your child, ask that the session end immediately.



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