What are the Different Chiropractor Jobs?

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There are several different chiropractor jobs that are available to people with the right education and training in the chiropractic field of study. While some individuals may work as office assistants, the most common chiropractor jobs are for the holistic professionals themselves. A chiropractor is a person who works within the chiropractic profession. These doctors use a therapeutic system that considers disease the result of an abnormal function of the nervous system or a skeletal imbalance of some kind. Chiropractor jobs entail manipulating the spinal column and other bodily structures to see positive results and improvements.

While most chiropractor jobs have the same functions, they occur at different locations and with various types of patients. Some of the different chiropractor jobs include private practice, hospitals, clinics and chiropractic groups. There are also a small percentage of professionals that work in the education and research fields.

For a chiropractor, private practice is not one of the most different chiropractor jobs. In fact, the largest percentages of professionals own their own business. These chiropractors work in an office environment. The office is where everything happens. The doctor diagnoses patients, takes and looks at x-rays, counsels and treats patients. Treatment plans vary according to diagnosis; however, many people end up coming back for adjustments on a regular basis.


There are only a few differences between chiropractor jobs in private practice versus working at a hospital or clinic. Hospitals and clinics tend to have a higher influx of patients, and these people can have other problems that are being treated at the medical establishment that are not related to their chiropractic issues. Also, working hours and days will often vary. In private practice a doctor can usually set his own schedule, but when employed at a medical center, the schedule is often not as flexible.

Other chiropractic jobs are education-based. These jobs are often held in institutions and schools where students learn about the chiropractic field. Educators help to prepare students for future licensure and employment in the chiropractic field. Some educators can also work by doing relevant research.

A four-year degree is not required in all areas for licensure; however, there are rigorous standards that have to be met prior to beginning practice anywhere. These standards are education and training based. In the United States, chiropractic jobs are held by those individuals who have met individual state requirements for both initial education, training and on-going education and training classes.



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