Where can I Find Medicare Billing Services?

N. Madison

A doctor or medical care facility can find Medicare billing services by contacting medical billing companies. There are many different companies offering these services, with each one charging different rates and offering various related services. Doctors can find them quite easily online and in local phone and business directories. Some may even place advertisements in publications doctors are likely to read. Medicare billing services also send advertisements to doctors’ offices through the mail.

Most healthcare providers are familiar with Medicare billing so patients aren’t on their own to determine what is owed at each medical appointment.
Most healthcare providers are familiar with Medicare billing so patients aren’t on their own to determine what is owed at each medical appointment.

Medicare billing services relieve some of the work a doctor or medical office has to do, leaving him to concentrate on patient care and other tasks. When doctors outsource to Medicare billing services, they also avoid taking full-time staff away from other tasks in order to handle Medicare billing. These medical billing services understand and train their employees in all aspects of billing Medicare on behalf of doctors, hospitals, and clinics.

The easiest way to find a Medicare billing service may involve typing "Medicare billings services" or "medical billing services" into an online search engine. This will provide many results a doctor can consider by visiting each company's Web site and comparing them based on services offered and fees. A doctor may also use the phone numbers he finds on these Web sites to contact billing services, ask questions, and obtain more information. Doctors may use the same method to contact medical billing companies found in phone directories and medical publications, using the contact information provided in such ads to call and request more information.

Some people consider word-of-mouth referrals more reliable for finding reputable, reliable Medicare billing services. This means asking other doctors which services they use or even asking medical associations for recommendations. By asking for referrals, a doctor may learn details about a company that its representatives are unlikely to share. For example, if a company makes frequent billing mistakes, its representatives are unlikely to admit to that when a doctor calls for information. Other doctors, on the other hand, may be happy to share such details.

Finding and using a Medicare billing service may be more than merely a timesaving measure for doctors. It can also provide cost-savings, depending on the needs of the doctor or medical facility and the prices set by the service. Many Medicare billing services assert that they provide reliable, fast billing at a fraction of the cost a doctor would incur when billing Medicare directly from his office.

A doctor may choose a Medicare billing service that provides personnel to work in the doctor’s office, handling Medicare and other types of medical billing. Alternatively, a doctor may opt to forward Medicare data to a medical billing service, allowing it to process claims off-site. In such a case, a doctor is kept abreast of payment statuses via electronic reports.

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