What Types of Dishes Can I Make with Condensed Soup?

B. Miller

Though recipes containing condensed soup are sometimes looked down upon as being too simplistic or too salty, there are many different recipe options and newer types of condensed soup that can make a good meal. Low fat and reduced salt versions of these soups offer healthier options for people concerned about these issues. Casseroles are some of the most common uses for condensed soups, as well as crockpot meals and pot pies; many different types of hearty winter meals, for example, make use of condensed soups. Another option is simply to dress up the soup with the addition of extra ingredients such as pasta, vegetables, and spices to make it more appealing.

Pot pies can be made with condensed soup.
Pot pies can be made with condensed soup.

Casseroles made with condensed soup are very common. These are often made with tuna, such as tuna noodle casserole; chicken and vegetables; or even meatballs. The addition of the soup ideally helps to make the casserole a bit thicker and more rich than if plain milk, cream, or chicken broth were used, and it can help to add additional flavor. Casseroles generally include vegetables, and pasta or rice, as well as the meat and condensed soup. They are filling meals that are excellent to freeze in large batches, and there are many recipes to be found online.

Condensed soup adds creaminess to baked fish and vegetables.
Condensed soup adds creaminess to baked fish and vegetables.

A similar recipe that can also make use of condensed soup is a pot pie. Chicken pot pie is perhaps the most common, but turkey or beef may also be used. This is similar to a casserole, but it generally includes a thicker bread-type crust on top, unlike a casserole. Crockpot meals, which cook slowly all day long, are other types of dishes commonly made with condensed soup. The soup will generally help to keep the dish more moist as it steams in the slow cooker; meatballs, as well as beef Stroganoff, are two common dishes made in this manner. Crockpot chicken is another popular and easy one.

Another option, rather than making an entirely separate dish with the condensed soup, is to simply heat it up and add additional ingredients to make it more appealing. Vegetables, pasta, and spices can all be added to make it more of a filling meal. Keep in mind that it is also possible to make one's own condensed soup simply by combining cream with the other desired ingredients, which can really help to reduce the salt content. Again, search online or in cookbooks for recipes.

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