What Skills Are Necessary for a Sheriff?

Esther Ejim

Sheriffs may be defined as main law enforcement officials with a smaller jurisdiction than other principal law enforcement officials like the chief of police. Sheriffs perform duties similar to those performed by the chief of police, and they need certain skills to help them perform their jobs effectively. Some of those skills include strong physical abilities, confidence, diplomacy, working well with people, good knowledge of the law, and good judgment.

In addition to administrational tasks, sheriff's may be asked to assess crime scenes.
In addition to administrational tasks, sheriff's may be asked to assess crime scenes.

Sheriffs usually have jurisdiction over counties and often have a small staff unlike police chiefs in big metropolitan cities. This means that they do not have to deal with crime on the same level as the police chiefs with a larger jurisdiction and command. Still, this does not make the jobs of sheriffs any less dangerous, because they still have to be careful when dealing with local criminals. Due to the routine possibility of confrontation with criminals who do not want to be apprehended, sheriffs must maintain a high level of physical fitness so as to protect themselves and to appropriately deal with the criminal elements.

A Sheriff must also have stamina and be energetic so as to motivate the workers under him or her. This is because they tend to work rather long hours and may be called in to asses a crime scene or to assert their authority in a dangerous situations. For this reason, the sheriff must always be mentally alert and prepared to deal with threatening situations. Sheriffs, like other police officers, also have to deal with suffering and death as a consequence of their jobs. All of these demands can lead to stress, which is why sheriffs must have the stamina and fortitude to carry out their duties.

Another important skill that a sheriff must have is good diplomatic skills. They are the principal officer representing the people in a community and must often settle disputes and spats between people. They must also have good people skills in order to effectively communicate any policies and maintain a good relationship with the public. A good knowledge of the law will enable sheriffs to know what laws to apply in any situation. Some police work their way up through promotions until they reach the position of sheriff, while others may be appointed as sheriff through votes or simply a decision. Sheriffs must also have good judgment so as to enable them make the right decisions.

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