What Should I Expect from a Toxic Mold Inspection?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Rubber gloves should be worn during exposure to mold.
Rubber gloves should be worn during exposure to mold.

Toxic mold removal is essential for the health of everyone in the home. Mold can grow in a number of areas that you might not expect, from moist bathrooms and basements, to clothes and houseplants. If you have reason to believe there could be mold in your home, you should find out what to expect during a toxic mold inspection. You can get your own mold kit, or you can hire a professional who will thoroughly examine your house for signs of this substance.

If you have chosen to perform the inspection on your own, there are a few routes to take. The first step is to do a visual inspection of the entire house, making sure to look into every nook and cranny in the home. Areas with moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements that have had water issues in the past, are some of the first places to look. Be sure to also check in the attic, under carpet padding, in the garbage disposal, and behind wallpaper. If you find any substances that might be mold, you should put on rubber gloves and a respirator mask, and then apply a piece of clear tape to the spot. You should then place the tape with the mold sample onto a piece of saran wrap, place it into a resealable bag, and send it to a local mold laboratory for testing.

You can also hire a professional to do the toxic mold inspection, especially if you are worried about coming into contact with the mold. If this is the route you take, the inspector will first visually inspect your home. He will also probably ask you questions about the likelihood of the presence of mold in certain areas, such as rooms where flooding or leaking has taken place. Concentrating on such areas first can save time during the toxic mold inspection.

Your inspector will also use special equipment to find mold during the process. For example, a hygrometer will be used during the toxic mold inspection to find out if the moisture levels in your home are above 50%, since such levels are most conducive to mold growth. Additionally, you can expect him to use a fiber optic device to search for mold in areas where it might not be immediately visible, such as under the carpet, within walls, and in ceilings. Finally, any substances found that could be mold will be collected and sent to a laboratory to find out if your toxic mold inspection did in fact result in the detection of mold.

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    • Rubber gloves should be worn during exposure to mold.
      By: aleksandra_1981
      Rubber gloves should be worn during exposure to mold.