What Should I Consider When Placing an Ad in the Yellow Pages?

Jessica Ellis

If you are looking to increase your business and reach a wider market with word of your services, placing an ad in the yellow pages of a phone book may be a wise consideration. You will want to make sure that the advertisement will be cost efficient and make your business appear unique and professional. There are several factors to consider in placing such an ad, including price, size, and available information.

The Yellow Pages list contact information for businesses in a specific area.
The Yellow Pages list contact information for businesses in a specific area.

The price range for placing an ad in the yellow pages will depend largely on the phone company. If it is a large, corporate-run phone book, ads will generally be more expensive. Local phone books give you a much cheaper option, but may reach fewer potential customers in a smaller market. Carefully consider the needs of your business before placing your ad, and think about whether you looking to expand a little or a lot, and if your business needs to be promoted locally or regionally. Remember also that for the same price you would pay for a standard size ad in a major phone book, you may be able to get a much larger, more vivid ad in a local book.

The size and graphics on your ad are an important factor to consider. If you are in a market with many similar companies, having great ads can make you stand out from the crowd and announce you as a major competitor. On the other hand, if you run a business with specialized services and few competing companies, you may want to save money and have only a small and simple ad.

When choosing graphics, look for clear, simple, and iconic designs. Many phone book companies will offer standard artwork that can accompany your ad, but if you have a custom label or design graphic, don’t be afraid to include it. Remember that your graphics will usually be monochrome black on a yellow background, so simplicity of design is very important. Talk to the phone book representative who is helping you and ask if they feel your custom graphic will show up well on the page.

In deciding what information to include, the size of the ad will determine how much space is available. A basic ad will include your company name and phone number. If you have more room, you may want to include a website address, company motto or graphic, and special services available. A website is probably the most important piece of information you can place on your ad besides the name and phone number, as many people do their company shopping online. Showing that you have an established website will also help show your professionalism.

To make sure that you are getting your money’s worth out of your ad, be sure to ask and keep track of customers who found you in the yellow pages. Try to set up a system in which you can record how many customers used the phone book to find you and how much they spent at your business. After one year, compare the amount you have made to the amount you spent on placing an ad in the yellow pages. If you’ve gained money, you’ve clearly made a worthy investment. On the other hand, if you have a net loss, it may be time to contact the phone book representatives and see about changing or removing your ad.

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