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What Should I Consider When Choosing Cherry Flooring?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

When looking for hardwood flooring,many home owners will invariably consider cherry flooring. Its durability, warm feel and ability to be used in multiple areas of a home make it an attractive flooring option to many. However, home owners should know that they will have to weigh factors like coloring, pricing and maintenance requirements before they commit to a cherry wood purchase.

Aesthetics can be important to a home owner and coloring may influence his decision to purchase cherry flooring. Though this type of wood flooring typically boasts reddish hues, the reds can vary from bright to deep. As a result, color selection can include reddish browns which can easily be incorporated into the average home's color scheme. Brazilian cherry wood gradually becomes darker as it ages and is exposed to sun. Since cherry wood is about twice as hard as oak and repels moisture, it is a multipurpose flooring that can be used in hallways, entryways, kitchens and even bathrooms.

Cherry wood acquires a rich reddish brown tone as it ages.
Cherry wood acquires a rich reddish brown tone as it ages.

Pricing is another consideration that home owners must tackle. Home owners should be aware that cherry flooring is relatively rare, since cherry wood makes up approximately only 4% of hardwood available to consumers. Home owners can find the best prices for any wood by simply shopping around. Resourceful home owners may also inquire with wholesale hardwood flooring companies, get quotes and compare them so that the best price can then be obtained.

Before buying cherry flooring, home owners should understand that they may have to purchase at least 10% more flooring than anticipated because of the wood's inclination to split while being installed. They must also keep up with basic cherry wood maintenance requirements. To avoid unnecessary scratching, foreign particles like dust and sand will have to be regularly cleaned and swept away from the flooring and any resulting scratches or shallow dents need to be sanded away. Although dropped liquids should be absorbed and cleaned to avoid staining and warping the flooring, finishing the wood will help protect it from excess liquids seeping into it. Refinishing the floor may also help keep it in top shape.

A home owner may have to weigh many different factors when considering any flooring purchase. However, an investment in cherry wood can be one of the best home investments. Choosing cherry flooring can increase property value, reduce home repair costs and add extra character to the home of a practical and aesthetically-inclined home owner.

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    • Cherry wood acquires a rich reddish brown tone as it ages.
      By: ArenaCreative
      Cherry wood acquires a rich reddish brown tone as it ages.