What Should I Consider When Buying Exterior Door Hardware?

Amy Hunter

Buying exterior door hardware is an important part of customizing your home. There is a wide range of door hardware available, and your choice can create a distinctive look. In addition to the many styles available, door hardware is available in many different materials.

Style and size are important things to consider when purchasing new exterior door hardware.
Style and size are important things to consider when purchasing new exterior door hardware.

The first consideration when purchasing exterior door hardware is if the hardware will fit your existing door. Typically there are two different styles of door hardware available. The first comes with all of the locks set together. This means that the regular door handle and lock as well as the deadbolt go together. The second is a separate door lock and deadbolt.

Once you know what type of door lock you need, it is time to narrow down your choice by style and type of material. If your home leans strongly toward a particular style, such as Craftsman or Colonial, then the style that you choose may be obvious. Most homes, however, embody a combination of styles. In this case, you are much more open to choose a style that suits your particular tastes.

Styles in exterior door hardware range from a simple doorknob to a more elaborate lever style design. While personal tastes are important one other consideration that you may take is ease of use. If you are handicapped, have handicapped family members or are just planning ahead for a time when you may not be as able-bodied, you may want to make a different selection.

There are a wide range of accessible designed doorknobs that are attractive and also easy to use. While you may think these accessible designs are for those confined to a wheelchair, nothing could be further from the truth. Accessible designs are also well suited for those with arthritis in their hands and young children. With the wide range of available styles, there is no reason to be concerned that you will be locked into an unattractive look.

After you decide what style you like, you are ready to consider the material that you want for your exterior door hardware. The majority of exterior door hardware is some form of metal. If you have metal lights or accents on the outside of your home, the choice of what material you will use for your door hardware may be simple. If the exterior trim on your home is not metal, however, you will want to choose a material that you find both aesthetically pleasing and that coordinates with the look of your home.  

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