What Should I Consider When Buying an Above Ground Pool Pump?

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Owning a swimming pool is great fun in the summertime. Family members can enjoy the pool during the hot weather; friends can come by for pool parties and cookouts. The pool even provides a means of getting some exercise each day. However, there is also the necessity of choosing the right above ground pool pump to help keep the pool water clean. If you need to purchase a pump, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

As with all types of above ground pool supplies, you want the pool pump to be the right size for your above ground pool. Just as the pools come in various sizes, you will find that the pumps also come with different sizes of motors and filters. Check the owner’s manual for your pool and make sure you understand what size and type of pumps are compatible with your pool and will provide the best filtering of dirt and foreign matter from the water.

Another factor to consider is the type of filter you want with your above ground pool pump. Cartridge filters work very well with many types of pumps. However, sand filters are also viable options in many instances. While a sand filter is often easier to maintain, there are people who prefer a cartridge filter for its ability to keep the water clearer. If in doubt, you can always focus your attention on pumps that will accommodate either type of filter.

Make sure to take a long look at the type and the availability of replacement parts. It is not unusual for some manufacturers to create each above ground pool pump they sell so that the system can only be repaired using customized parts. However, there are pumps on the market that use parts that are standard. Customized parts are often more expensive and may have to be special ordered. In contrast, standard parts are usually readily available at prices comparable or lower than their custom counterparts.

While just about any above ground pool pump will come with a warranty, it is important to determine the terms included in that coverage. Look for the duration of the warranty; ideally, it will be at least for one year with an option to renew for another year. Pay close attention to what type of repairs and replacement are covered by the warranty. If the coverage does not seem to be good, consider looking at another pump with a more comprehensive warranty.

Your goal is to locate and purchase the above ground pool pump that is the best fit for your pool and your budget. Keep in mind that in addition to the purchase price, you should think in terms of costs related to maintenance and repair when and as needed. This will help ensure you are happy with your purchase today and still happy two or three years from now.

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