What Should I Consider When Buying a Roller Bag?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Rolling luggage is ideal for travel.
Rolling luggage is ideal for travel.

A roller bag is perfect for travel. Whether for vacation or business, it makes almost anything easier to transport. When choosing rolling luggage, you should consider what the bag will be used for, how often it will be used, and where it will be used.

For example, if you will be bringing a roller bag to conventions and trade shows, consider buying one in your company color with your company logo on it. You can usually find a reasonably priced promotional bag online that can be shipped to you within a few days. One with your company logo on it not only looks professional, but is easy for you to recognize as yours.

If you travel frequently, for business or pleasure, you may want to choose a bag in a more unusual color. Roller bags are not usually available in patterns, but even a more offbeat solid color can help set them apart from the rest of the luggage in the baggage carousel. One in a color such as lime or violet can often be found online and can make your bag easier to spot so you can escape from baggage claim much sooner.

A carry-on roller bag can often hold enough clothing for up to three days, so you may not even need any other luggage for short trips. Carry-on upright bags often have extra pockets for convenient storage possibilities. Be sure your bag meets airline requirements. If it has a lock, be sure it is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved or airport personnel could cut your bag open to inspect it.

Consider buying a high quality roller bag for frequent use. In-line skate wheels are often the best as they tend to roll smoothly on many different types of surfaces. Handle construction is an important consideration when buying a bag; if the handle is riveted to rolling luggage, it can be impossible to fix if it breaks. If you buy a roller bag with a handle that uses screws to attach it, however, it is much easier to repair. Concealed telescopic handles look neat and function well, but be sure that the handle locks securely into place when needed.

A computer roller bag is perfect for those who carry their laptop, or notebook computer, with them. They are often sleek with a hidden telescopic handle and look professional for business travel. Look for a computer bag that has storage for your other needs such as a power supply and cables. It should have protective padding and be made of scuff-resistant material.

A sports equipment roller bag, which looks like a large duffel bag on wheels, is ideal for members of sports teams who travel to games and practices. Rather than lugging heavy equipment around, the wheels do all the work. Sports bags are often used for baseball equipment and hold several bats and other baseball gear.

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When choosing a roller bag for travel is it better to get one with metal wheels or plastic ones?

Offhand I think that the metal ones would probably last longer, but you never know. Also, do these kinds of luggage come with warranties? I would like to make sure that if the wheels break that I could get my bag replaced or refunded.

Lastly, do roller bags come with weight limits?

I am curious to know how much I could safely carry in one without damaging the wheels. In the case of a warranty, do you think it would stipulate whether weight damage was your responsibility or not?


When buying a roller bag you should consider its alternate uses. If you have children that have to carry heavy books to and from school, using a roller bag can be a great alternative to a heavy backpack.

There have been a lot of studies done that show using backpacks can damage a child's spine and cause health problems. In addition to this, shoulder and neck pain from the backpack can also trigger headaches, making it harder to study.

There are now some backpacks that you can buy that have the wheels built into the bottom for ease of use. I think that even if you can't find this version, any roller bag would do.

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    • Rolling luggage is ideal for travel.
      By: monticellllo
      Rolling luggage is ideal for travel.