What Should I Consider When Buying a Manicure Table?

J. Beam

In a full-service or nail service-only salon, a manicure table is one of the larger equipment purchases made to operate the business. Depending on the size of the salon and how many nail technicians will be working there, multiple tables may need purchased. Whether buying one or several, there are a few things to consider before committing to the purchase.

A manicure done with artificial nails.
A manicure done with artificial nails.

Manicure tables are available new and used. New manicure tables can be purchased from salon equipment and supply retailers and used ones can be purchased through liquidation sales, directly from closing or going-out-of-business salon owners, or private individuals. Decide if you have a preference for new or used and compare any savings you can achieve by purchasing used over new. If you need to purchase more than one manicure table and continuity is important in your aesthetic design, keep in mind you may not find used ones that match.

A woman getting a manicure.
A woman getting a manicure.

If you are purchasing a manicure table for employees, keep in mind that you may need flexibility in the design of the table to accommodate their varying working preferences. For instance, if you have a left-handed manicurist, they may prefer a table with implement storage to the left rather than the right. Also consider your customers and make sure you buy a table – and subsequently chair – that will comfortably seat all sizes of patrons.

As a salon owner, you should also keep your available space in mind. If you need more than one manicure table, make sure you purchase ones that will fit well into their designated space and still allow for traffic flow. In addition to purchasing adequate sized and designed tables, consider the overall design.

Manicure tables range from wood finish and granite tops to durable plastic and fiberglass construction. The overall appearance and design will depend largely on the decor of your shop as you want to avoid tables that are over or under stated in comparison to the rest of your salon’s interior space. Also consider whether you want to purchase complete tables, with implement storage built in, including drawers and sectional cubbies, or simpler tables. Simpler tables will have fewer, if any, storage capacities, and will require the additional purchase of a manicure cart, but often take up less space overall and are far less expensive.

In addition to style and design, you can also choose from either a portable or stationary manicure table. Portable tables will have caster-style wheels for easy transport and may or may not fold for easy storage. These types of tables are more ideal for small salons that are full-service and may only see a few manicure clients per week. For nail salons, stationary tables are more appropriate.

Compare pricing, design, and style of several tables from different manufacturers and suppliers before you buy. Also keep in mind that you may need additional equipment or accessories, such as lighting, storage, retail displays, and so forth that your supplier may or may not offer additional discounts on if you order everything together. Once you’ve priced out all your equipment needs and compared what’s available, you will end up making a smart business investment and wiser purchase.

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