What Should I Consider When Buying a Fan?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

When buying a fan, there are several things you should take under consideration. The main concern when buying a fan is where it is to be located. If it will be used in an office, for example, you might want to purchase a small fan that can be placed on your desktop. If you want a fan that can cool an entire room, however, you might need to purchase a larger fan.

There are several different types of fans to select from when buying a fan. Some, such as box fans, are encased within a square and are meant to be placed on the floor. They are also commonly placed in open windows to help draw cool air inside or to help blow warm air out.

Box fans are best for cooling the lower half of a room. They may also be used to help dry a floor after mopping or after water has been accidentally spilled. These fans only blow air straight ahead of them.

Another type of fan is the pedestal fan. These fans are generally encased in a circular structure and placed at the top of a tall, thin pedestal. These fans are also usually capable of rotating from side to side to cool various areas. When buying a fan, it is important to consider how high off the ground you need the pedestal fan to be in order to provide the greatest amount of climate control. The range of rotation is also an important consideration when buying a fan.

When buying a fan for a desktop, you might purchase a smaller version of the pedestal fan. This type of fan will still rotate from side to side, but is a condensed version meant to fit comfortably on a desktop. Other desktop fans include smaller versions of the box fan or small circular fans that are not placed on top of a pedestal. In general, the larger the fan, the more circulation it can provide.

When buying a fan, you also must consider how hard you need the fan to blow. Most fans come with a variety of settings, with a low and high setting being common. Some also have a medium setting and even a few settings in between. Generally, it is best to purchase one with at least two settings so you can more easily adjust the fan to suit your comfort level.

Style is another consideration when buying a fan. Since the fan will likely be a semi-permanent fixture in the room during the warm months, it is most desirable to purchase one that fits your decor. You should also be able to be place it somewhere that does not get in your way during your daily activities. Therefore, the size and overall shape of the fan are other considerations to keep in mind.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book