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What Should I Consider before I Buy a Trumpet?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Before you buy a trumpet, consider the affordability of a new instrument, whether renting is a better option, and the brand of trumpet that is best. Sometimes new students cannot afford a new instrument or determine that a used instrument is a better financial investment, so look at the numbers and think about what is best for you. Renting is another option when needing a new trumpet, which is most beneficial when you want an instrument short-term or cannot afford to buy an instrument outright. In addition, always consider the brand of instrument, because some brands are better than others; for example, many musicians advise against importing a trumpet rather than buying local due to the risks of getting a shoddy instrument.

Determine whether to buy a trumpet new or used. New trumpets are generally much more expensive than used instruments, but they have their own advantages. A used trumpet might not look as fine as a new one, nor will it last as long. You might also have to deal with minor scratches and dents or else get them fixed, though the cost of repairs can defeat the purpose of purchasing a used trumpet in the first place. On the other hand, sometimes renting a trumpet rather than buying one outright is the better option because of the low upfront costs.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Although trying to buy a trumpet is typically a better long-term financial decision, renting can be advantageous in some situations. For instance, if you need a specific instrument for a short amount of time, it is often cheaper to rent. Another instance where renting may be a better idea than buying outright is if you are not ready to commit to a specific instrument long term. It may be a better idea to pay a little more in the long run in order to avoid making a commitment that you are unsure about and risk paying a lot more.

If possible, ask an instructor or someone else you trust to make a suggestion on how to buy a trumpet brand that is reliable. Some brands are well known for producing poor-quality instruments. In fact, some instruments have no brand at all and are simply mass produced in factories and then exported to other countries as they sell. There is usually a major difference in quality and longevity in such instruments, but their appearance is generally the same as any other brand.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar