What Should I Consider before I Buy a Parakeet?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Parakeets that are accustomed to human contact are more expensive.
Parakeets that are accustomed to human contact are more expensive.

If you want to buy a parakeet, you should first consider that you are making a commitment to an animal that may live anywhere from six to nine years on average and perhaps even longer. If you are prepared to commit to the animal's care, you should also be prepared to provide the bird with a spacious cage, appropriate toys, and a nutritious diet. Be sure that when you buy a parakeet you choose a reputable seller and, if possible, consider adopting a parakeet from an animal shelter. You should also be prepared to spend some time each day with the parakeet, as these birds are sociable and appreciate attention.

Many people choose to buy a parakeet for themselves or their family because these little birds are typically inexpensive, do not require a lot of specialized care, and adapt very well to family life. Parakeets can be trained to talk and often enjoy interaction with their keepers. Those who decide to buy a parakeet because of their small size should still be aware that, unlike some other small pets, a parakeet can live for many years and will need appropriate care during this time. Potential parakeet owners should also be willing to actively interact with their pet.

At the time that you buy a parakeet, you will want to procure a suitable cage. Parakeets need exercise, so it is important to get a large, wide cage that will allow the bird some freedom of movement. Be sure to have several perches and swings in the cage. You will also want to buy bird toys, which should be swapped out regularly so as to keep your parakeet amused.

After you buy a parakeet, you will typically need to clip its toenails and perhaps its wings on a regular basis, which takes time and the use of special clippers. You should also consider the cost of food and vitamins for your bird. Parakeets usually eat commercial parakeet seed or pellets as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also a good idea to provide your parakeet with bird vitamins, which you can mix with your parakeet food.

While parakeets are popular pets, it is important to keep in mind that they are also easy prey for other household animals, such as cats. If you do have a cat, you may want to rethink your plans to buy a parakeet unless you are absolutely able to keep the parakeet safe from the cat. You may be able to do this by placing the bird in a secure cage in a room to which the cat does not have access.

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    • Parakeets that are accustomed to human contact are more expensive.
      By: Maisna
      Parakeets that are accustomed to human contact are more expensive.