What Is Writing Motivation?

Daniel Liden

Writing motivation is a term used to describe the drive that an individual has to write. The term tends to be used in two different ways. It may refer to the reasons, such as money, fame, or a desire to produce art, that drive an individual to be a writer, or it can be used to describe the drive that a writer has to write on a day-to-day basis. Many writers work on their own time and are paid based on the work they produce, so writing motivation is highly important to them. For a career writer, a nonproductive day often means not getting paid at all, so motivation is of the utmost importance.

Writers must have the drive and motivation to sit down and write on a daily basis.
Writers must have the drive and motivation to sit down and write on a daily basis.

Many different factors can drive an individual to write. Some people read great literature or have interesting experiences and are compelled to produce written work of their own. Others simply appreciate the freedom that a career in writing, particularly in freelance writing, can offer. The particular origin of writing motivation varies from person to person but is usually based in artistic ambition or career goals. A great deal of writing motivation is generally needed if one is to embrace writing as a career.

For a writer, writing motivation usually refers to the drive to sit down and write on a day-to-day basis. A variety of different factors can affect the level of writing motivation that a given writer has on any particular day. A writer who is working on an interesting or otherwise pleasant project, for instance, is likely to be more motivated than a writer working on something he does not enjoy. Having a pleasant place to write without distraction can also have a significant effect on one's motivation. The combination of factors that drives a writer to work on a daily basis can vary widely based on the particular preferences of the writer.

Writer's block is a condition in which a writer has little writing motivation either for a particular project or for all writing projects. In some cases, this is because the writer cannot think of what he should write next or cannot find a particular piece of necessary information. In other cases, writer's block comes about when a writer experiences self-doubt. He has little writing motivation because he fears that whatever he writes will be inadequate. Breaking writer's block can be very difficult and usually involves either finding some essential piece of inspiration or sitting down and writing despite the lack of motivation.

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