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What Is Web-Based Task Management?

K.C. Bruning
K.C. Bruning

Web-based task management is the use of an online application to organize personal and professional projects and daily tasks. A typical application consists of a to-do list which can be ordered, accessed, and edited in various ways, depending upon its structure. There are both free and subscription-based programs available.

Many web-based task management applications provide the ability to check off completed tasks; create sub-lists; and organize items by date, priority, category, and status. Other possible features include ways to track deadlines, location, and team progress on tasks. Some applications also allow the user to tag important tasks.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Layouts vary widely, though they are typically centered on the main task list. Many applications have several different panes of information, including calendars, general and detailed views, and assorted tabs. Applications also vary by the level of detail that can be entered for each task.

Several types of web-based task management applications can be synced with external accounts. Common features include the ability to populate personal web calendars, really simple syndication (RSS) feed alerts, and email reminders for tasks nearing their due date. Some applications enable users to download files such as text and spreadsheets. Email can also be fed into some applications so that the message appears as a new task. There are some utilities that have an option for collaboration with other accounts as well.

Most web-based task management tools can also be synced with other media such as phones and laptops. This enables easy task management such as adding items and checking off finished chores whenever and wherever they need to be accomplished. There is even an application that can suggest nearby tasks by determining the user’s location.

Web-based task management tools vary in complexity and flexibility. While there are several applications that only function as programmed, there are also open-source options which can be customized according to a user’s needs. These can also be programmed to be more secure when used on mobile devices.

There are several issues to consider when selecting a web-based task management system. Features can be selected based on the urgency, complexity, and volume of a particular user’s tasks. An application may need to be more flexible or secure, such as when it will be used by a large group with the need to collaborate while keeping information confidential. The technical ability of the user is another key factor in selecting a program, as applications vary widely as far as ease of use and number of features.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer