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What is Web-Based Asset Management?

Michi Beck
Michi Beck

Managing assets is important, and there are ways in which a business can do it online. Web-based asset management lets companies handle their finances and keep track of the big picture by using a computer from the comfort of a home or office. Asset management software allows everything to be kept in one place and accessed quickly when it is needed. Keeping an inventory of assets and being able to search through it quickly is one of the things available to companies that use web-based asset management. Another feature of many asset management options is the termination checklist, which keeps non-returning employees from leaving the company with important codes, keys, or other items.

Companies that manage their assets online can use an integrated system that improves business productivity. Assets that are part of the system include anything on which the company places value, including copyright management, patent management, and intellectual property. Business assets are assigned values in web-based asset management. The business can then ask the software to figure depreciation and provide a comprehensive statement of value. That helps the business plan for a financial future, see if any key assets are missing, and create a catalog to keep better track of the flow of assets through the company.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

When web-based asset management software is used, there is potential for a company to use a surveying feature that automatically detects specific assets. After it is installed on a computer, it searches for the settings and operating information so it can properly categorize the computer in the asset database of that business. It is also possible for the person using the computer to list the other assets in his possession to add to that database. The survey is then returned electronically and the information is automatically updated. This streamlines the process and lowers the chance of overlooking an asset that should be categorized and cataloged.

The security that a business has is also improved with web-based asset management, because a missing asset can be more quickly detected. Requesting a new asset or removing one from the database when it is no longer used by the company are also much easier to address when there is an integrated system of asset management software. Companies that use this type of software correctly and consistently can see an increase in productivity, less waste in their financial endeavors, and a stronger bottom line.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer