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What is VASER® Lipo?

S. Blake
S. Blake

A variety of cosmetic enhancement procedures for body contouring have been introduced to patients over the years. Liposuction has led the way for new and less-invasive cosmetic treatments, and one of those treatments is called Vaser® Lipo. The key difference between standard liposuction and Vaser® Lipo is the use of ultrasonic sound waves to break apart the fat particles. The ultrasonic energy emulsifies the fat into liquid for easier removal from the body. This procedure works to only target the fat area, and the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues are left intact, which results in less bruising and minimal pain for the patient.

Vaser® Lipo is a medical procedure performed in either a physician's office, a hospital or an outpatient surgery facility. Anesthesia will be given by either local, general or intravenous (IV) sedation. The patient and the doctor will decide what method is best.


During the procedure, a solution of tumescent saline is injected into the area to be reshaped. After the injection, a probe is inserted into the area, and sound energy is transmitted. This sound energy will break up and liquefy the fatty tissue. The liquefied fat is then suctioned from the area.

Multiple areas of the body can be treated with Vaser® Lipo. Physicians use this method to contour the face, neck, chin, back, arms and breasts in the upper body. In the midsection, it is used on the hips, abdomen and love handles. The areas of the lower body that can be treated with Vaser® Lipo are the calves, ankles, thighs, knees and buttocks. Multiple areas can be treated during one session.

The amount of fat removed from a particular area will be based on individual patient needs. This procedure is not intended to be a way to lose a significant amount of weight. It is designed to give the patient a slimmer-shaped figure.

Patients will use a compression garment to assist their skin with conforming to the new contours. This procedure works to only target the fat area. Nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues are left intact, which results in less bruising and minimal pain for the patient. Patients are encouraged to rest for at least 12 hours after the procedure and should avoid any strenuous activities for a period of two to three weeks. Instructions for massage therapy are provided for skin retraction, for smoother results and to speed the recovery process.

The results will vary on the extent of each procedure. Most patients report seeing immediate results, with the maximum results being seen approximately three to four months after the procedure. Typical results include curves and definitions that are smooth and tight. Vaser® Lipo offers an easy method of fat removal using minimally invasive procedures with a fast recovery period.

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