What is Urbanology?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
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Urbanology refers to the study of things which affect inner cities. This can include crime, building renovation, community involvement, medical necessities, and growth. By researching and studying these aspects of urban life, counties and city officials can do more to help improve the lives of those living in the inner city.

Crime is a large factor in urbanology. With so many people living close together in the larger cities, crime is a major issues for many areas. This can include drug use and trafficking, assault, theft, and even homicide. To prevent these crimes and the issues they bring with them, researchers can work to find where most of these incidents take place, who is involved, and in some cases, what led to the crime in question. Drug dealers, for example, often get into their chosen “profession” due to lack of education or lack of good jobs in the area.

Many urbanology studies may also center around renovating older buildings and making housing more suitable for tenants and homeowners. Older cities often have properties that are not healthy environments for those living in them, but without proper housing available at affordable rates, many people have no choice but to reside in substandard housing. This can be remedied by renovating older buildings so that they meet building codes, and building newer homes that can be sold at reasonable prices.

The study of urbanology may also lead to an increase in medical centers and hospital care, especially centers that offer patients free or reduced doctor’s care. Transportation, such as city bus or tram systems, may also be created to allow those without vehicles to get to and from work and other important places. These things will help increase the quality of life those in the inner city experience on a day to day basis.

Urbanology aims to enhance the lives of those who lives within and near inner cities in many counties. Doing so benefits not only the citizens who live in these areas, but also the towns as a whole. Better homes and facilities lead to increase property values and more countywide growth. Creating more entry level jobs for the uneducated and semi-retired means more skilled workers are also needed. This adds many benefits to not only inner city dwellers, but other who reside in the town as well.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing