What Is Tybo?

Sara Schmidt

The Danish cheese known as tybo is a mild, cream-colored cheese that is often used on sandwiches. Like Swiss types of cheeses, this cheese has holes, and is distinguished by its saltiness and yellow rind. It is also sometimes included among caraway seed cheeses, though the seeds need not be present for it to be considered tybo cheese.

Tybo is made from cow's milk.
Tybo is made from cow's milk.

Tybo, a cheese made from real cow's milk, is often compared to the similar cows' milk cheese, Samsø, which is also a Danish cheese. The fat composition of the cheese ranges from one quarter to half of the cheese. The cheese is smooth and nongranular, with a semihard consistency. Fans of this cheese enjoy its milky, lactic flavor. Production of the cheese involves salting each layer as it is formed, resulting in the saltiness that people who enjoy this cheese often crave.

Tybo is traditionally made with full-fat cow's milk.
Tybo is traditionally made with full-fat cow's milk.

Traditionally, tybo is prepared with full-fat cow's milk. The milk is prepared by hand, stirred while still warm, until it is well coagulated and the creamy, solid thickness of the milk separates. Once this is complete, the product is ready to be made into smooth, fatty cheese. The resulting matter is then kneaded, also by hand, until it is formed into tybo. The cheese is pronounced in the same way as the popular fitness technique, Tae Bo®.

Most tybo cheeses are formed in a log shape. The rind of the best tybo cheese should be smooth and even. When purchasing, consumers should be certain that no cracks are present in the rind to ensure the best cheese possible. Bricks of the cheese are typically sold within the rind or wrapped in plastic.

There are many different ways to incorporate this cheese into a tasty meal or snack. In addition to the most common use of tybo in sandwich preparation, the cheese is also popularly used in salads. Soups can be provided with a salty creaminess when the cheese is added to the savory meals. When flavored with caraway, the cheese can be a particularly delicious addition to a fruit and cheese basket.

One favorite way that many people use the cheese is in the preparation of meatballs, particularly in recipes that may call for blue cheese. This typically includes a ground meat, such as beef or veal, and a variety of seasonings and vegetables, such as onions and pepper. Bread crumbs and chicken broth are also often used in this cheesy dish.

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