What Is Travel Underwear?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
Moisture resistant underwear is popular with hikers.
Moisture resistant underwear is popular with hikers.

Travel underwear are garments worn under a person’s clothes that are specially designed to enhance the experience of a traveler. Some people think that special underwear are necessary pieces of travel gear. Odor management, sweat resistance, light weight, comfortable fit, and fast-drying properties are all common attributes of underwear designed for travel.

The material from which travel underwear is made often sets it apart from regular underwear. Fabrics that have the ability to dry quickly are common because when traveling, many people do not have the time to dry their clothes nor do they have proper laundry facilities. Quick drying underwear can be advantageous for situations in which undergarments may have to be washed in a hurry.

When traveling, many people have to wear the same underwear for extended periods of time, sometimes in uncomfortable conditions. Traveling may entail being enclosed in small spaces, such as inside airplanes, buses, cars, or trains, and often the temperatures in these areas are quite high. Underwear for travel also may be chemically treated to prevent bacteria growth or to prevent odors that may occur after long periods of use. For similar reasons, travel underwear are sometimes available in sweat-resistant versions.

Sometimes travel underwear is not specially designed for travel. Many travelers have found that a certain type of traditional underwear, or underwear that a person normally wears when not traveling, is the underwear they want to wear on a trip. Underwear designed for sports often shares some of the same attributes as travel underwear and may be a particularly appropriate substitute.

Function over form is not necessarily an intrinsic attribute of underwear for travel. Underwear designed for travel is sold in a variety of styles and colors. Some people may want to be fashionable while still receiving the benefits that travel underwear may offer.

Underwear made for travelers is often lighter in weight than many normal types of underwear. This is often so that the underwear will not take up as much space when packed. A light weight also could be helpful for people who intend to carry their backpacks around with them, such as hikers.

Some people prefer to use disposable underwear. This type of undergarment may be used and then thrown away, eliminating the need to wash underwear while traveling. The items are often very thin and usually are not available in fashionable styles. Typically, disposable underwear is very simple and functional.

Underwear for travel also may be sold in a set. The availability of sets is especially common for women’s travel underwear because many women want to wear travel bras as well as travel underwear. Travel bras that are available in the sets often have the same sweat-resistance and odor prevention as the underwear.

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Two thoughts.

I always travel with my old worn-out underwear and then toss it as I go along. No carrying around dirty undies in your suitcase.

On the other end of the spectrum, I sometimes carry my highly-not-disposable best undies (date night undies) for dressing up while traveling. I love the panties I get from Enclosed - a cool panty of the month company.

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    • Moisture resistant underwear is popular with hikers.
      By: Dudarev Mikhail
      Moisture resistant underwear is popular with hikers.