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What Is the State Bird of Vermont?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

The hermit thrush the state bird of Vermont. Although there was some controversy surrounding the issue, this was made official in 1941. It can be found in Canada and some parts of the United States. Although it is an inconspicuous, medium-sized bird, many people believe that it sings a beautiful song.

A women's club first suggested the hermit thrush as the state bird of Vermont in the 1920s and 1930s. There was some controversy, however, since there were several other birds also suggested, like the blue jay and the crow. Some people did not believe that the hermit thrush was a good fit for the sate bird of Vermont, since it migrated south in the winter months. In 1941, however, the state legislature made the hermit thrush the official Vermont state bird.

The hermit thrush migrates south during the winter.
The hermit thrush migrates south during the winter.

As with many state symbols, the state bird of Vermont is very abundant in this state, at least during the summer months. It can also be found in a few other parts of the northern United States, as well as Canada. In the fall, many of these birds migrate south, to the southern parts of the United States and Mexico. It returns in the early spring to nest and mate.

The state bird of Vermont is a medium-sized bird. It will typically grow to be around 6 inches (15 centimeters) long. Both the males and females are brown on their backs and sides, and they have a rust-colored tail. Their chests and underparts are typically white, and their chests are peppered with dark brown to black spots. Hermit thrushes also have a white ring surrounding each eye, and they have pink legs.

The song of the state bird of Vermont is typically its most distinctive characteristic. Many people compare it to the music of a flute. It often begins with one long note, and ends with several shorter, higher-pitched notes. Most hermit thrushes can be heard singing from a high perch. They will often begin shortly before sunset, and end shortly after the sun goes down.

Hermit thrushes can be found in a couple types of forests. Typically, they seem to prefer coniferous forests, where the trees are primarily evergreens. They are found in mixed forests, however, with both evergreen and deciduous trees. Nests are usually on the ground, but they may also be in the very low branches of the tree. These birds are also ground foragers, eating insects and berries.

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    • The hermit thrush migrates south during the winter.
      By: Naj
      The hermit thrush migrates south during the winter.