What Is the Relationship between Earth Science and Geology?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim
Geologists may study the formation of volcanoes.
Geologists may study the formation of volcanoes.

The earth is made up of many factors that make it necessary to divide its study into different categories in order to allow for a better understanding of the subject. It is this division into categories that creates a link between earth science and geology since geology is a subfield within the larger field of earth science. Another way of looking at the link between earth science and geology is through the fact that geology is a major subfield under earth science, largely due to the fact that the study of geology is related to the strive to understand a lot about the earth and its history through an assessment of the clues contained in such materials.

Some of features geologists study that create a connection between earth science and geology are the processes that take place on the earth, such as the eruption of volcanoes, and other occurrences like mud landslides and floods. Usually, geologists try to gather as much information as they can regarding these occurrences, including the history of such events and other related data, which in consonance with the physical analysis of the conditions at the various sites will lead to a better understanding of these processes. Another interesting link between earth science and geology is the fact that it studies the development in the history of the earth through the study of ancient fossils like the remains of dinosaurs as well as other creatures, including ancient shellfish and crustaceans. This also helps in the understanding of how certain mineral deposits were formed in a location. For instance, the presence of shellfish in an area over time can lead to the formation of limestone as the shells of the creatures pile up and undergo mineralization.

The study of the earth by geologists also allows them to make educated deductions regarding certain events that may have occurred in an area over time. For instance, through the application of geological studies, it may be possible to accurately tell if a desert once contained a body of water in the past. Such features usually leave clues behind that geologists can study in order to make deductions regarding the former presence of water and how long ago the event may have occurred.

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    • Geologists may study the formation of volcanoes.
      Geologists may study the formation of volcanoes.