What Is the Relationship between Advertising and Event Management?

Esther Ejim

The relationship between advertising and event management is the fact that event management can be used as a tool for advertising. Event management refers to the process in which events are formally planned and organized on behalf of a client. It may be handled by companies that specialize in organizing and managing such events, or it may be handled by the public relations section of big corporations.

An event management company may call a press conference to generate publicity for an up and coming politician.
An event management company may call a press conference to generate publicity for an up and coming politician.

Event management may be private or corporate, and the motivations behind the event may also be different. A private event may be organized to promote an individual, such as a politician, a musician or any important personality. If the private individual is a politician, the event could be a fundraiser, a meet and greet, or a political rally. This shows how advertising and event management can work together. The events are forms of advertisement for the politician. They help the politician raise his or her profile, while also serving the more practical purpose of conveying the political ideology of the politician.

A musician might use an event to promote his or her latest work. The event management may be handled by an independent event management company or by the public relations department of a record company. The purpose of the event is to advertise the musician and to generate publicity for his or her work. This works the same for writers who hold book signings; the event is a form of advertisement for both the writer and his or her book.

Big organizations also explore the relationship between advertising and event management for how it can work to their advantage. Organizations can hold promotional events aimed at advertising their products and further enhancing the corporate profile of the organization. For example, a car dealership might host a car show in which it invites the general public to come and view the latest offerings. This event also serves as an advertisement for the car dealership.

Organizations may come together and hire an event management company to organize a trade fair. The trade fair will serve as both an advertisement platform, a means of making new contacts, and a means of increasing the customer base. Event management can come into play when a private individual or an organization wants to hold a press conference. If it is an organization, the press conference could be to introduce a new product, which is a form of advertisement. If the event is for a private individual like an athlete, it could be used to promote the signing of an endorsement deal.

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