What is the Push up Pro™?

Douglas Bonderud
Douglas Bonderud
Woman posing
Woman posing

The Push Up Pro™ is a set of plastic grips intended to increase the benefits of a push up. This product is identified with Jack Zatorksi, who previously held a world record for the most push ups done in one minute. Typically sold for 20 US dollars (USD), the Push Up Pro™ is often seen on television infomercials.

This product consists of two circular, plastic pads that have rubber grips on the base. A raised handle extends from each pad, and the handles turn independently of the base. This allows the arms to rotate freely as a push up is being done, which engages more stabilizer muscles than a traditional push up. The push up will therefore be made more difficult and produce better results.

These pads are also marketed to those who have trouble maintaining proper body form while doing a push up. When performing the exercise, the body should ideally be in a straight line with no bow in the back. The head should be up, with the eyes looking forward. Having the palms flat on the ground can make this position difficult to maintain. The Push Up Pro™ allows the arms to rotate naturally as the exercise is being completed, resulting in a better body position and less strain on both the arms and wrists.

Reviews of this product indicate that the rubber grips, which claim to work on any surface, can slip if used on carpet or similar flooring. Also, the basic push up is made quite a bit harder with the use of this device, meaning fewer repetitions can be completed. The rotating action of the grips makes the motion of a push up both more effective but also more difficult, which can be daunting to those with limited experience.

Claiming to be the "ultimate upper body workout," the Push Up Pro™ has generally received favorable reviews. The rotating push-up motion is often credited with building a stronger core and back, in addition to working the chest. Also, the price of the unit is considered fair for what the product provides. Overall, it is considered to be a worthwhile addition to a workout regimen, though by no means a replacement for other chest exercises.

One main competitor for the Push Up Pro™ is the Perfect Pushup™. Both products are similar in design and function, but the Perfect Pushup™ is more expensive. The Push Up Pro™ is marketed to casual users, while its competition is targeted to exercise enthusiasts.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing