What is the Market Technicians Association?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree
The Market Technicians Association is made up of stock market analysts.
The Market Technicians Association is made up of stock market analysts.

The Market Technicians Association is a non-profit association of stock market analysts based in the U.S. Originally a local New York City organization, the association now has over 3,400 members in over 70 different countries. The Market Technicians Association’s primarily objective is to educate both the public and its members in the theory of technical analysis as well as its application and practice. This organization also offers a professional certification known as Chartered Market Technician to qualified technical analysts.

The Market Technicians Association began in 1971 as a local gathering of technical analysis professionals with common goals and standards. The organization had only 18 charter members when it incorporated in 1973. In September 2001, the offices and resource library of the Market Technicians Association were destroyed in the terrorist attack on New York's World Trade Center, and the organization relied upon donations from its members to recover from the disaster. The association is currently headquartered near the New York Stock Exchange in New York City.

Market analysts generally practice a form of stock forecasting known as technical analysis. This type of analysis attempts to determine the value of stocks based on such factors as trading volume and various types of price studies. Technical analysis is the direct opposite of fundamental analysis, the more commonly used form of stock forecasting. Fundamental analysts determine the value of stocks based on factors such as a company’s financial health, competition, and management while technical analysts typically disregard these factors.

The Market Technicians Association was formed in order to achieve three primary goals. The first is to attract other technical analysis professionals who would share their collective knowledge with others in this field. The second goal is to establish and promote a high standard of ethics and competence for all technical analysis professionals. The third goal of the organization is to educate and inform both the public and investment professionals of the overall usefulness of technical analysis.

In order to accomplish these goals, the Market Technicians Association offers a variety of services to its membership and the general public. These services include local and regional meetings and seminars as well as publishing trade journals and newsletters. The Market Technicians Association also maintains a comprehensive knowledge database that is used by its membership and other affiliate organizations. The association also hosts an Internet blog known as the Chart of the Week as well as a discussion forum called Technical X-Change.

In 1989, the Market Technicians Association began its Chartered Market Technician certification program. This professional certification was intended to provide a universally accepted measure of an individual’s proficiency in the field of technical analysis. In 2005, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission officially recognized the Chartered Market Technician classification as an accredited form of certification for technical analysis professionals. Technicians are required to successfully complete a three-part series of examinations in order to receive this certificate.

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    • The Market Technicians Association is made up of stock market analysts.
      By: Scanrail
      The Market Technicians Association is made up of stock market analysts.