What is the Construction Institute?

Ken Black

The Construction Institute is an organization sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers that promotes excellence in construction through building standards. This is accomplished by encouraging more collaboration on projects from all sides of the construction industry. Overall, the goal to establish a wide consortium of workers from many different trades within the industry. While all involved may not agree on everything, the Construction Institute's goal is to find common ground.

The Construction Institute promotes high standards in construction.
The Construction Institute promotes high standards in construction.

The Construction Institute, headquartered in Reston, Virgnia, is listed as one of the seven institutes of the American Society of Civil Engineers, an organization founded in 1852. Its concept was considered needed because, according to the Institute, there very little cross networking and discussion among the various factions of the industry. Therefore, the Construction Institute reaches out to building and design workers, teachers, suppliers and others. The Institute theorizes that, as the various groups learn more about what is needed from each other, the chances for process improvement grow.

There are several tiers of membership in the Construction Institute. Students can get a greatly discounted annual membership, as long as they are enrolled in a university or technology program teaching architecture, engineering, or some other construction-related area. The next level is for associate members, which includes members under the age of 30. A regular membership, which has significantly higher dues, is available for those 30 and older. Those already in the American Society of Civil Engineers receive a complimentary membership in the Construction Institute.

In addition to the normal memberships for individuals, the Construction Institute has nearly two dozen corporate members. These corporations lend their name and help to enhance the credibility of the organization. Some of the corporate members include: Caterpillar, Inc., the Port Authority of NY & NJ, and Allied North America. Corporate memberships are offered for a much higher annual cost, which includes 10 individual memberships, along with some other benefits.

One of the listed benefits of membership is access to seminars sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers. These seminars cover a wide range of topics in the construction industry including: construction and development, environmental issues, geotechnical issues, hydraulics and water resources, management, structural issues and transportation. All facets of the construction industry are covered in these seminars.

The seminars are held at various locations throughout the United States. A catalog is published twice a year detailing which seminars are scheduled, locations and costs. Those who are members of the Construction Institute will have access to all these materials, as well as the possibility of serving on various committees.

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