What is the Connection Between Vitamin D and Metabolism?

Troy Holmes

Vitamin D is important for bone growth and a healthy immune system. The connection between vitamin D and metabolism is the metabolic effect this vitamin has on calcium within the human body. Vitamin D has the primary responsibility of absorbing and metabolizing calcium into a usable hormone for the human body. This calcium is used by the body to support strong teeth and bones.

Vitamin D supplements.
Vitamin D supplements.

Most vitamin D is consumed in dairy products, but it is also absorbed through the skin with sunlight. Having the proper level of this vitamin helps support mood, bone growth, and a healthy immune system. This vitamin helps the body metabolize calcium nutrients in the liver, kidneys, and intestines

Vitamin D, which can be absorbed from sunlight, helps the body absorb calcium.
Vitamin D, which can be absorbed from sunlight, helps the body absorb calcium.

Metabolism plays vital roles in how the body grows and maintains body weight. Vitamin D helps the body burn fat and process essential minerals. This vitamin is available naturally in many dairy products and is typically not necessary in a supplement form.

One of the unique connections between vitamin D and metabolism has to do with the way the body processes excess amounts of the vitamin. Once vitamin levels are normal, taking additional vitamin D supplements has no impact on the metabolism of an individual. It is best to seek the advice of a doctor before starting an individual supplement plan.

If a person starts a diet plan while having a vitamin D deficiency, he will lose less weight then expected. This is because the connection between vitamin D and metabolism is fundamental in maintaining proper body weight. Adding foods rich in vitamin D during a diet and exercise plan can result in weight loss.

Many studies have shown that a vitamin D deficiency has a direct correlation to obesity. Before an individual starts an extensive diet program, he should ensure he is consuming adequate vitamins in either his meals or supplements. This will help him derive the maximum benefits of a healthy diet.

The metabolic effects of vitamin D have also been demonstrated with cancer patients. Vitamin D and metabolism are important aspects of the human immune system, which assists in growing healthy cells and fighting off infections. Low levels of vitamin D can speed the growth of some cancers and aggravate some physical disorders.

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