What Is the Connection between Motivation and Performance?

Geri Terzo

There seems to be a genuine connection between motivation and performance. When a person is enthusiastic about the prospects of some endeavor or behavior, it can inspire that individual to achieve great things. While there may be some natural restrictions to what someone can accomplish, a positive attitude that generally is associated with being motivated can certainly make some process more enjoyable. Quite possibly, the energy that is created from an optimistic perspective could improve the results on the job or otherwise.

An enthusiastic person can achieve great things.
An enthusiastic person can achieve great things.

Inspiring employees could require various approaches based on the function of different divisions in an office. For instance, it may require different tactics to motivate sales professionals in comparison to the individuals who perform information technology tasks. In some cases, recognition might be sufficient to drive a person to produce greater output. Other groups of workers might be less inclined to appreciate a pat on the back and may respond better to a change in a professional title or greater responsibility.

People who believe they are in a dead end job are less motivated to excel.
People who believe they are in a dead end job are less motivated to excel.

Although there many ways that motivation and performance could unfold, job satisfaction is among the most notable drivers for productivity. When an employee is involved and concerned about the job at hand, that person is more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the work day. Someone who is dissatisfied with the end result of some production could lose all motivation, in which case performance is likely to suffer.

Compensation can certainly influence the way that many employees perform their tasks. Generally, it is not the only factor that determines the degree of commitment that an employer receives from staff, however. Financial incentives can certainly help to lift motivation and performance. When individuals are aware that a reward awaits them for producing at a certain level, a monetary bonus or raise certainly can have some beneficial effects. On a long-term basis, however, people might need more than just a bigger paycheck to remain engaged with the overall goals of an organization.

Motivation and performance could also carry over beyond a career to into personal life. For instance, when there is someone or something at stake, an individual may be more inclined to do whatever is necessary to reach a certain conclusion. This could be applied for some event such as weight loss or mentoring a child, for example. Emotions such as fear and joy may affect the degree of motivation and performance that someone exerts in a given activity. Even with physical limitations, someone who is especially invested in some activity may surpass production expectations.

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