What is the Best Way to Make a Video Blog?

Jessica Ellis

A video blog can be a fun hobby or a great way to get the word out about the skills, hobbies, professions, or ideas of the blogger. Thanks to new technology, a video blog does not require expensive equipment or even a great knowledge of cinematography. Following some basic tips for building a video blog can help create an exciting, interesting experience for both the blogger and the viewer.

A great digital camera can help with a video blog, but a professional one isn't necessary.
A great digital camera can help with a video blog, but a professional one isn't necessary.

Some equipment is necessary for making a video blog. At the very least, a blogger will need a digital camera that can take videos, a computer with a basic video editing program, and an account with a video blogging site. Other helpful equipment includes a tripod to stabilize the camera and allow more control over the frame, an external microphone for more control over audio quality, and extra batteries for the camera. It may be a good idea to consider renting or buying one or two film lights to help make the blog look more professional, but this is not necessary for a basic blog.

Do some research on other video blogs before beginning one. A person might have a great idea for a blog on how to make ice cream, only to find there are 50 or 100 others already in existence. While many similar existing blogs do not necessarily mean the idea should be thrown out, it may be a good idea to watch a few examples to get an idea about what a new blog can do differently and better. It is important not to copy another video blog's format, title, or content too closely, however, as this can potentially open the door to infringement lawsuits. The possibility of accidental plagiarism is another excellent reason to do some preliminary research.

Consider using a script. Many people assume they can just “wing it” with a blog, but without fantastic natural acting or oratory skills, this can lead to hours of editing. Creating a script allows a blogger to say exactly what he or she wants, and gives the opportunity to fine-tune the language without wasting camera battery life. It's not always important to follow a script exactly, especially if the exact words sound wooden and rehearsed. Writing a script and simply going over it a few times before shooting can help create a more precise and structured blog post, while at the same time still sounding natural.

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Most great video blogs are short and sweet. Few viewers have the time or patience to sit through a 30-minute blog post, however passionate the blogger is about his or her subject. Moreover, many video blog hosting sites allow a time limit of only ten minutes per blog episode. Keeping a blog to the point can help it feel more fast-paced and entertaining to the viewer.

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