What is the Advertising Industry?

Misty Amber Brighton

People often need to be persuaded to buy certain products or act in a particular manner. The advertising industry is responsible for creating ads that encourage the public to do these things. Product advertising could be done via media outlets, such as radio, television, or online. It could also be in print form, such as billboards, brochures, or newspaper ads. Advertising trends are carefully monitored in order to determine the best way to market goods and services.

The advertising industry has a long, international history.
The advertising industry has a long, international history.

One segment of the advertising industry involves people who make ad campaigns for various businesses. This may include inventing slogans or logos, writing jingles, or designing print ads. Promotions, such as contests and product giveaways, are sometimes included in the creation of a particular campaign. This area of the marketing industry could also deal with hiring a spokesperson or associating a character with a certain product or business.

Billboards are considered traditional advertising outlets.
Billboards are considered traditional advertising outlets.

Other people who work in the advertising industry create contracts with different media outlets. They might buy blocks of time during popular radio or television shows. The cost of doing so is often negotiated by marketing specialists so that they can place advertisements during the timeframes that benefit their customer most.

Some individuals in the advertising business rent out signs and billboards. This can be done most often on a monthly or yearly basis. These workers may design the ads as well as place them on the structures. In some instances, they may arrange for someone to hold a sign outside a business or drive a mobile billboard through a certain district in order to gain exposure for their clients.

People in the advertising industry often use the Internet as a tool for promoting goods and services. They might create websites or blogs devoted to a new product. Banner advertisements could be placed on other websites as a form of promotion. Hyperlinks could be posted in discussion forums in order to drive traffic to a client's website.

In order to be successful in the advertising business, an agency should be flexible in the way they market products. This means they should pay close attention to advertising industry trends in order to determine the best course of action to take for their clients. Doing so can be very important, as the success of those in the marketing industry is often tied to the success of the clients they serve.

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