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What Is Stuffed Lobster?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Stuffed lobster is an elegant dish that is generally served as a main course. It can usually be made in about 30 to 45 minutes, including preparation and cooking times. Although stuffed lobster is a dish that appears complex, it is actually one that is fairly simple to make. It does not require any obscure equipment or ingredients, unless the cook lives in a place where lobster is rare. An individual simply needs to make the stuffing, put it in the lobster, and bake it.

Preparation of stuffed lobster generally begins on top of the stove. Most recipes call for the lobsters to be steamed for three to five minutes. The cook will also need a skillet or another type of suitable pan that she can use to saute items such as celery and onions in butter.


The lobster's leg and claw meat is commonly used to make the filling. Individuals wanting larger or meatier batches of stuffing may purchase additional lobster or crab meat. This will be added to the pan of sauteed vegetables along with crackers or bread crumbs. After the ingredients are mixed together and any desired spices are added, the stuffing should be spooned into the lobsters.

The stuffing can be placed into the body of the lobster or only in the tail. If the body is being used, it should be split open from head to tail. Some recipes call for alcohol, such as white wine or sherry, to be poured inside the lobster shell before and after the stuffing is inserted. This step can generally be omitted without jeopardizing the success of the dish.

An individual who plans to make stuffed lobster will need access to an oven, because most recipes call for a short baking period of about 15 to 20 minutes at 450 degrees. The size of the lobster and the amount of stuffing is one factor that plays a role in the baking time. Another factor is how long the lobster was cooked before it was stuffed.

It is common to find stuffed lobster accompanying another main item, such as steak or shrimp. Sauces that commonly accompany the dish include remoulade, melted butter, and cocktail sauce. Stuffed lobster is not suitable for individuals with shellfish allergies. The inclusion of butter and carbohydrates in the stuffing also makes it a dish to be eaten with caution by individuals attempting to follow certain restrictive diets.

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