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What is Stamina Pilates?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Pilates are exercises designed to strengthen the core muscle area of the body. There are many forms of Pilates exercise available today. Stamina Pilates is a core exercise program that uses a special sliding board with cables to produce an extreme Pilates program. The program requires the athlete to hold his legs in a hanging position while sliding on a board supported with cables.

Stamina Pilates programs use the arms and the core area. This machine uses ropes and pulleys that slide the user’s body weight as the ropes are moved. Most stamina Pilate programs last for approximately 30 minutes, which is a good cardio workout for the arms, shoulders, and core of the athlete.

Many professional athletes have added Pilates into their daily exercise routines. This exercise provides better flexibility, strength, and focus that can be applied to other sports. These exercises were originally developed by Joseph Pilates.

A woman doing stamina pilates.
A woman doing stamina pilates.

Developing a strong core area is fundamental in most exercises in daily life. This core is used for jumping, lifting, running, or walking. Having a strong core helps the athlete perform better. It gives him confidence and agility because it gives his body better balance. Stamina Pilates are designed to provide an intense core training workout. This program can be added into the daily exercise routine to produce amazing results.

Cardio-based Pilates is a good stamina Pilates program. This routine is executed by adding cardio exercise into a Pilates routine. A typical cardio Pilates program will have the athlete hold his body in a pose while rotating either his hands or legs. This will cause the heart rate to increase while flexing the core area, which produces increased caloric burn.

Pilates are similar to yoga because they are based on holding poses for long periods of time. A typical Pilates position will require the individual to flex his abdominal area for 30 to 45 seconds. These exercises include lifting the legs, arching the back or arms while holding a locking position. This causes stress in the core muscles, which helps to develop strength. Stamina Pilates helps provide leverage and comfort during the routine.

AreoPilates is another version of the stamina Pilates. It includes the standard rolling board but adds a trampoline foot area. This provides a rebounding effect for the athlete and removes the stress from pulling the body weight with cables. AreoPilates produces a good cardio workout, which adds to the caloric burn of a typical pilates routine.

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    • A woman doing stamina pilates.
      A woman doing stamina pilates.