What is Shampowder?

B. Miller

Shampowder™ is a dry shampoo used to "refresh" greasy hair when you can't wash your hair with shampoo and water. It is manufactured by Buttercream Cosmetics in the United States. In theory, you can extend the time shampooed hair and professional blowouts last by using this powder. For example, if you've washed your hair with shampoo and water, and the next day you find that your hair needs a touch-up, you can apply Shampowder™ to the roots of your hair. The product will absorb oil and dirt, and is then brushed out. This should leave your hair looking less greasy and smelling cleaner, though it does not actually clean the hair.

A hair care theory regarding baby powder inspired the creation of Shampowder.
A hair care theory regarding baby powder inspired the creation of Shampowder.

Shampowder™ is manufactured in two colors — a darker color for red or brown hair, and a lighter color for blondes. The company is planning to release a black color as well. Since some of the powder may be left behind when you brush it out, it is important to use a color close to your hair color. It is sold in a small tube that is easily portable and comes with an attached applicator brush. It is sold for around $16 US Dollars (USD).

Shampowder™ is based on the old beauty tip that applying baby powder to the roots of your hair will absorb the oil and grease that appeared overnight, and then powder and oil can be brushed out. The trouble with using baby powder, however, is that it often leaves your roots looking powdery and white. The same problem happens when using cornstarch, another often-recommended alternative.

Some experts also contend that washing and blow-drying your hair every day is very damaging, and that using a dry shampoo that extends the time between washings will make your hair healthier overall. The company states that Shampowder™ is also safe to use on permed or colored hair, though it is not designed to conceal grays.

There are other options for powdered shampoo than Shampowder™, which is a brand name. Searching online for phrases like dry shampoo, powdered shampoo, or hair powder will bring up other brand options. Sephora, Bumble&bumble, Algemarin, and Matrix, to name a few, all make dry shampoos that function similarly to Shampowder™. Some are also available in various colors.

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